Navigated Pedicle Access Kit

Disposable Passive Array – PAK Needle

ILUMARKs ’ Disposable Passive Array – PAK Needle has been specifically designed for use with 7D Surgical and Medtronic‘s® Image Guided Surgery (IGS) systems, allowing accurate access through the pedicle. IZI’s Pedicle Access Needles are sterile single-use instruments providing increased safety, time savings, and reduced costs.

All components of the navigated pedicle access kit exceed highest quality standards. The stainless steel cannula is rigidly connected to a stainless steel Luer-lock connector. The flattened area on the handle allows easier mallot access, so impact force is directed straight into the high precision facet cut tip of the needle. With an easy rotation movement the needle can be removed from the cannula, immediately after unlocking.

Our Navigation Markers enable unlimited and precise visibility of the Pedicle Access Needle by the IGS-System.

Range of Application
The extended cannula length (160mm) allows the use of the Pedicle Access Needle even with larger patients.

Cannula locking is ergonomically designed using a visual and haptic lock / unlock control.

Navigated Pedicle Access Kit