KIVA® VCF Treatment System

A Novel Treatment For Vertebral Compression Fractures

If you’re searching for a different treatment for vertebral compression fractures, be sure to take a look at the KIVA® VCF Treatment System.

Kiva® has met or exceeded the performance of balloon kyphoplasty in 3 separate comparative studies. In one or more of these studies, Kiva was shown to:

  • Reduce rate of adjacent level fracture
  • Improve kyphotic angle restoration
  • Reduce rate of cement extravasion
  • Reduce cement volume

The Kiva® System is the first new approach to treating vertebral compression fractures (VCF’s) in over a decade. For the first time, physicians can deliver (through a transpedicular approach) an implant with a predictable structure. The implant also serves as a reservoir to contain and direct the flow of cement. It is indicated for use in the reduction and treatment of spinal fractures in the Thoracic and/or lumbar spine from T6-L5*. It is intended to be used in combination with the IZI Vertebral Augmentation Cement Kit.