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Who we are

ILUMARK is a young and innovative company providing sterile single-use OR products. We develop, produce and market competitive, highly economic products with improved product specifications. Currently we are focusing on sterile single-use retro-reflective marker spheres for image-guided and computer-assisted surgery systems. With a passion for utilization, our products and services are designed for outstanding ease of use and cost efficiency. State-of-the-art production and test methods assure highest quality regarding accuracy and sterility.

ILUMARK has been founded in 2008 by Dipl. Ing. Holger-Claus Rossner. He has more than 10 years experience in designing, manufacturing, implementing and maintaining image guided surgery systems, tracking systems, instrument adapters and retro-reflective marker spheres.

What keeps us moving

ILUMARK strives for the cost and innovation leadership of essential components and single-use products for image guided surgery and medical imaging. With product, process and service innovations, we improve the experience of our users technically, economically and emotionally. Providing products that are more affordable and easier to use, more institutions and patients will benefit from less invasive and more precise interventions.

As the cost in health care will continue to increase, ILUMARK takes the challenge to find cost saving options through an engineering focus. By carefully listening to our customers and looking beyond the obvious, we create new value that can be shared with all stakeholders.

We do not compromise quality on our products. Highest standards in our design, production, sterilization and packaging processes drive the precision and safety of our medical products.

What we believe in

ILUMARK is about agility. We enjoy to demonstrate our open-mindedness, creativity, drive and friendliness in all our relationships. Our agility drives positive experiences with all individuals we are interacting with, making life more enjoyable and fun. While we strive to grow our business we want to maintain our agility for long-term sustainability.

At ILUMARK, efficiency creates qualitative and quantitative value for our customers, suppliers and employees. For us, cost saving is an engineering task. We enjoy looking into each step of the utilization chain to ensure highest customer satisfaction. We believe that small details may have strong effects on how easy, safe and efficient the product can be used. Improving the total cost-benefit-ratio of the applications allows us to fairly share the created values with our customers, suppliers and employees. At ILUMARK, efficiency and fairness come together and create the basis for sustainability.

Reliability is our license to exist. Highest standards in our design, production, sterilization and packaging processes drive the precision and safety of our medical products.