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ILUMARK Navigation Markers

PointerILUMARK Navigation Markers are sterile single-use reflective marker spheres for image-guided surgery systems using passive tracking technology. Such systems are used to support surgical procedures in Neurosurgery, ENT Sinus Surgery, Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery, Spine Surgery, Trauma Surgery and in Orthopedic Surgery for Total Hip and Knee Replacements. In surgery, the marker spheres are attached to the surgical instruments. Infrared cameras are tracking the reflective marker spheres and the coordinates in space are localized. The diagnostic patient images are then referenced to the real patient. Now, the surgeon can navigate his surgical instruments on a computer screen. This makes surgical procedures less invasive and more precise. The reflective marker spheres play an essential and integral role in this system.

100% Compatability

ILUMARK Navigation Markers are 100% compatible to the existing pin standards. There are two versions, one with Click and one with Twist fixation mechanism.




High precision

Our marker spheres are highly precise. The new "Zero Gap" production and automated testing systems ensure a consistent high level of precision of each individual marker.



Flexible Withdrawal

We fill the blisters between one and four reflective markers. This allows the OR personnel to withdraw exactly that amount of markers necessary for the surgery, avoiding the disposal of unused markers.



Convenient Storage

We deliver our navigation markers in a convenient dispenser box that facilitates easy withdrawing of the blisters while maintaining the overview on the remaining packages.




Fast Delivery

With an order before 5 p. m. we deliver our products within Germany on the following workday. In Europe within 48 hours.




Cost Saving

The new “Zero Gap” production method is cost saving, which enables us to offer an attractive price for our ILUMARK Navigation Marker. In Addition our different blister fillings avoid the disposal of unused Marker Spheres.



Secure Sterility

ILUMARK Navigation Markers are packaged in double-sterile high-grade blisters with high quality Tyvec foil. A standard ethylenoxid gas sterilization process (ETO process) is used to receive reliable sterility.



High Visibility

The retro-reflective material with a reflection value of more than 250 cd/lux/m2 facilitates very high visibility of each navigation marker for the tracking system. High marker visibility is the prerequisite for reliable surgical navigation.